Sunday, May 17, 2015

Education For You

List of Education Lesson
1. Brown Course Trading 
2. CB Pirates 
3. Children Home Activities 
4. Children Learn Reading 

a)Instant Attraction (60 Day Guarantee) 
b)Brads Fashion Bible (60 Day Guarantee) 
c)Underground Dating Seminar (60 Day Gaurantee) 
d)Planning the Perfect Date (60 Day Gaurantee) 
e)How to Beat Approach Anxiety (7 Day Free Trial) 
f)Interviews with Naturals (7 Day Trial) 
g)Crocodile Style (7 Day Trial)
h)Pheromone Kids Ten Minute Seduction (60 Day Gaurantee) 
i)Joe Natural Uncensored 
j)Buzzy: Master of Threesomes (60 Day Gaurantee) 
k)Secrets of Inner Game (60 Day Trial) 
l)10 Minute Seduction Program 

6. Get Woman Fast 
7.Learn Speak Spanish 
8. No Jealousy Relationship  
9. One Click Coverletter 
10.Pass Police Exam 
11.Pilot Guide 
12.Premium Career Guide 
13. Amazing Resume Creator 

a).Checklists for Rvers 
b).Complete Guide To
c).Pop-Up Basics 101
d).101 Tips for Rvers
e).RV Care and Maintenance
f).Dinghy Towing
g).Insiders Guide to Buying an RV
h).The Three Primary Systems of an RV LP Gas System / Water System / Electrical System
i).RV Campground Basics
j).RV Buyers Survival Guide
k).RV Awning Use, Care and Accessories
l).Deep Cycle Battery Care and Maintenance
n).Winterizing and Storing your RV

15. Selection Writer Criteria 
16. Female Orgasme Revealed 
17.Shed Building

a).How to Ask Questions That Matter
b).Grammar Bytes- Inventions
c).Achieving Peak Performance 1 (e-book)
d).Achieving Peak Performance 2 (e-book)
e).Achieving Peak Performance 3 (e-book)
f).Achieving Peak Performance 4 (e-book)
g).Achieving Peak Performance 5 (e-book)
h).Achieving Peak Performance 6 (e-book)
i).Achieving Peak Performance 7 (e-book)
j).Achieving Peak Performance 8 (e-book)
k).Achieving Peak Performance 9 (e-book)
l).Achieving Peak Performance 10 (e-book)
m).Essential Learning Objectives 1 (e-book)
n).Essential Learning Objectives 2 (e-book)
o).Essential Learning Objectives 3 (e-book)
p).Essential Learning Objectives 4 (e-book)
q.)Essential Learning Objectives 5 (e-book)
r).Essential Learning Objectives 6 (e-book)
s).Personal Finance Packet (e-book)
t).Health Packet (e-book)
u).Investigating Career Paths (e-book)
v).Starting & Operating a Small Business (e-book)
w).Mastering Punctuation 1 (e-book)
x).Mastering Punctuation Level 2 (e-book)
y).Essential Learning Objectives 7 (Ebook)
z).Essential Learning Objectives 8 (Ebook)
z1)The One-Hour Practice Test Grade 3)
z2).The One-Hour Practice Test Grade 4
z3).The One-Hour Practice Test Grade 5
z4).The One-Hour Practice Test Grade 6
z5).One-Hour Practice Test 8
z6).One-Hour Practice Test Grade 9
z7).The One-Hour Practice Test Grade 10

19. Subliminal Programming
20. Teaching Job Interview 
21. Tutoring Business
22. Ultimate Language Secret Fast Vocabulary  Real  Chinese 
23. Home School – Transcripts Made Easy 
                               - Get a Jump Start on College
                               - Grammar Made Easy 
                               - Spelling Made Easy
                               - Conquer the Test!
                               - Evaluate Writing the Easy Way 

24. Medical Transcription at Home 
25. One Click Coverletter 
26. Mentoring Program 

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